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Iced Coffee

I know it’s fall and I wish I could snuggle up in a woolly sweater with a hot spicy latte or tea, but it is 90 degrees in LA today.  So even though I need my morning caffeine fix, I also need to stay cool.  Thus I reached for a Tupperware tumbler instead of a mug and poured myself an iced coffee.

Iced coffee is incredibly simple, with cream and/or sugar to taste just like a regular cup of coffee and poured over a glass full of ice to cool it down.  The only problem I had was that all that ice waters down the coffee when it melts.  I believe it was that mecca of inspiration Pinterest.com that led me to the brilliant idea of pouring left over coffee into an ice cube tray.  Ta da! Ice cubes for iced coffee that doesn’t get watered down!

With a houseful of coffee drinkers we regularly drink a whole pot, but on the days when there is a cup or two left at the bottom of the pot I make up an ice cube tray and keep a small bowl of coffee cubes in the freezer for days like today when a cold cup of coffee sounds more refreshing.


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